About Jessica

Jessica Martin

Sister-in-law to Julie ❤

Hello! I’m Julie’s sister-in-law, the Madigan to her Mulligan, the cinnamon stick to her Hot Toddie. I’ve been eating gluten-free for a couple years now and have learned so many tips I’m excited to chat about! Now living a couple hours North of Raleigh, I work in research on U.S.-Asia relations while living with my adorable Torbie cat Willow, who loves visiting with her cousin Zaxby in Raleigh when we visit Aunt Julie and Uncle Thomas. The only culinary training I’ve received is from my mom (the best kind!) and watching cooking competition shows, but that doesn’t keep me out of the kitchen. I love to travel, experiment with new recipes, and play around with a camera (angle and lighting is everything)!

Favorites to Cook!
  • Brunch – because I’m rarely up for ‘breakfast’
  • Seafood & Shrimp – the fresher the better
  • Thai Food & Noodles – filling and flavorful
  • Cakes & Cookies – got to keep that freezer full
  • Untested dishes – always a risk, always enlightening
Favorites to Eat!
  • Brunswick Stew: If you want warmth in your belly and a soul, find a good Brunswick Stew. I haven’t ever found a recipe that matches my grandma’s, though, so this is a rare treat best suited for the fall and paired with a pile of fluffy steamed rice to soak up all the goodness of the stew.
  • Fresh Steamed Shrimp + Hush Puppies: Whenever I visit my hometown on the East Coast of Florida, I have to stop by the local restaurant under the bridge to grab some simple steamed shrimp (in the shell of course!) and down-home hush puppies made with cornmeal and a bite of red pepper.
  • Sushi: A classic that, once you find a great local place, is worth the occasional dishing out of coin. Raw tuna rolls and cones are a special favorite. I missed it terribly while I lived in Arizona!
  • Vietnamese Pho: My ‘gluten free ramen replacement,’ Pho is delicious and heartwarming in the winter, and inexpensive and satisfying if you find yourself a good place.
  • Yellow Thai Curry: Filling and flavorful, curry can be easy to make and is naturally gluten free! I like to make it myself too, so I can personalize the veggies and spice level to just how I like it. It’s a simple one-pot meal, just about having the few key spices or base packets and a can of coconut milk on hand in your cabinet, which are easier and easier to find these days!
  • Shanghai Soup Dumplings: Whenever I think about my study abroad there, I can vividly remember sitting in a little, crowded shop and getting baskets of soup dumplings to eat with friends in the chilly winter weather.
  • Coffee or Chocolate-Caramel Gelato: A staple late-night group snack during my university years out in Arizona!