About Me

Why hello there! Come on in and make yourself comfortable.
This blog offers recipes, kitchen basics, and small bits about our life outside the kitchen.

About the Author and Owner behind The Martin’s Kitchen

Hi! Julie here. So you want to know a little about me. Well, I originally grew up in Florida. I moved to North Carolina in 2011 at 18 years old when I followed a boy to college. I completed my bachelors degree at NC State and my masters degree at Meredith College. When I first started college, I wanted to become a doctor… then I took my first nutrition class and have been hooked ever since. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I knew I wanted to continue my education so off to graduate school! Once I completed graduate school, I knew I wanted to be a registered dietitian, so I completed a 1200-hr internship and passed a really hard test to become one. Now I am a registered and licensed dietitian who works as a consultant in LTC facilities and a mental health hospital. I genuinely love my job. Recently I was asked “What do you want to do, do you want to continue doing what you are doing, or do you have bigger plans?” and I immediately said “I can’t see myself doing anything else right now.” I started this blog as a hobby that includes all things I love… food, cooking, nutrition, writing, and traveling. Since this is a hobby, you’ll notice I can post excessively in a short span of time or go months without posting. I apologize if you were looking for a daily blogger, you’ll have to continue your search. Oh about that boy I followed to NC at 18 year olds… we are happily married now living on a little slice of land with our kitty cat and doggo!

My Nutrition Philosophy
My food and nutrition philosophy is relatively simple. It can be simplified to 3 little phrases:

Food first.
No food is “bad” food because you know what is bad? Not having food to consume to sustain your life. In my opinion, there is food and then there is the healthier food or the better choice. Let’s just make sure you are eating something before analyzing your diet on what you should be doing differently. Additionally, I am a food before supplementation dietitian. I would much prefer you change what you are putting on your plate before suggesting a supplement or vitamin. While I definitely believe there is a place for supplements, I want to start off by suggesting more natural and close to the earth foods, before saying “here have this supplement that was made in a factory to sell.”

Everything in moderation.
I probably say this phrase 10 times a day because I think more people need to hear it. It is so often that I hear people saying “I cut out all carbs,” “… too much fat,” “I am not going to eat that because I am on a strict diet,” or my favorite “whoa, you are a dietitian and you eat that?”. I will be the first person to admit I love me some “not so healthy” foods, but I believe moderation is the key to a balanced, healthy, and happy diet. If you cut out something out of your life completely, it may make you sad when you can’t eat that piece of cake at your best friend’s birthday party or have a celebratory donut with co-workers for a good quarter. Or you may find yourself not enjoying socializing with friends because there is nothing for you to eat. If you try to find a balance and moderation in your diet, you may find yourself not “diet-ing” and enjoying meals & attending social events again. Tip: Think about the day as a whole. What are you having for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks? What can you do differently in other parts of your day or week to accommodate that food you want to treat yourself too? But don’t skip meals or snacks just have that treat you are wanting, try to having lighter fare in other parts of your day, or do an extra few minutes at the gym.

If you can read, you can cook.
Why do people think they cannot cook!? Is it because you don’t think your food taste as gourmet as your favorite restaurant’s? Afraid to try a recipe and it come out bad? Don’t have the patience? Is it out of laziness? What are the reasons!?
I fully believe if you can read, you can cook. Recipes are just written steps that need to be followed. There are many cookbook authors that pour their heart and souls into developing a cookbook for people to read and follow. And now in the digital age, you can find a recipe for anything you want. If you are timid in the kitchen, start slow. Find recipes that are no more than 3 to 6 steps, and has very little prep. Over time as you get more comfortable in the kitchen, you’ll find yourself choosing more complicated recipes and feeling brave when you try something new. If you need some simple recipe ideas, click contact me below and ask for some ideas. I will be more than happy to help you get started in the kitchen!